Albany Photography Workshops

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Albany Photography Workshops


Session 1 - From Auto to Manual - Wednesday 8th October - 1pm-3pm - Beginners
 Will focus on exposure & composition for the beginner photographer. For anyone wanting to take more  creative control over your DSLR camera by using the manual settings, this course is a must.

Session 2 - Creative Landscapes - Friday 10th October - 4.30pm-6.30pm - Intermediates
 This session is designed for anyone that has the basic skills of digital photography and wishing to take their photography to another level. Course content includes, balancing ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture for optimum results, long exposures, shooting panoramas, and how to find the best composition within a landscape.

Venue - Vancouver Arts Centre, 85 Vancouver St, Albany    

This workshops will be will be held over two sessions - you are welcome to book in for both as the first session will progress into the second session nicely. The focus will be giving you the skills to create a piece of photo-art that you are proud display on your wall. It will cover theorys of composition and exposure, as well as inspiring you to find another level with your photography. We will put these theories into practice through a number practical exercises.

What to Bring
- a digital dslr camera (or camera with manual settings)
- a tripod (for the second session only)
- a fully charged battery and the largest memory card you have!
- your camera manual


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