Albany Photography Escape - Dec/Jan 2018/19

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Albany Photography Escape - Dec/Jan 2018/19



These 4 (1/2 day) workshops will be will be held over the months of December and January 2017/2018 in Albany. The program will be very hands on, and practical in nature.

Theory sessions will based from Hybla in Middleton Beach we will photograph the surrounding landscapes of the Albany region including some of the best beaches in WA and and the spectacular Stirling Range National Park.

The program does not include accomodation, however assistance can be provided finding appropriate accomodation if required. Transport is provided for all excursions when in Albany. However you may, or may not, need your own transportation outside of workshops times. It is recommended that you find accomodation walking distance to Middleton Beach or Albany Town Centre, as the tour will include free time in the mornings before workshops. All pickups and drop-offs are included.

The overall aim of the program is to help participants interpret nature in their own creative way and begin developing their own creative style. The workshops have something for photographers of all levels, and it is hoped that you walk away at the end of them with a piece or two of the beautiful Albany region that you are proud display on your wall. It will cover theory's of composition and exposure, as well as inspiring you to find another level with your photography. We will put these theories into practice through a number practical exercises on each excursion.

The excursions will include some of the most beautiful beaches in the area, eg Little Beach and Salmon Holes. We will practice long exposure photography, multiple exposure hdr, panoramas, timelapse photography, and explore the beautiful Stirling Ranges National Park.


Theory Sessions will be held at Hybla Tavern, up stairs looking over Middelton Beach. The majority of the workshop with be hands on and in the field photographing.


Workshop 1 - Friday Dec 29th 2018– Monday Jan 2nd 2019 (1/2 day and evenings)
Workshop 2 - Wed Jan 5 - Sat Jan 8, 2019 (1/2 day and evenings)


Flights from Perth to Albany are presently priced at $174, arriving and departing at several times throughout the day. No car hire will be required. Middleton Beach & Albany Town Centre has easy access to cafes and bars. I will have a vehicle for our photoshoots, and will available for any other transport needs as required. I will pick up and drop off to airport or bus terminal as required.


from $350 per person (food and accomodation not included)


- a digital dslr camera (or camera with manual settings)
- a tripod (for the second session only)
- a fully charged battery and the largest memory card you have!
- your camera manual

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