As part of your journey in developing as photographers, we are offering you one of our Magnificent Mentors!

Having a photography mentor and getting an unbiased professional critique of work will be one of the best self-improvement decisions you will ever make. So finding the right mentor is critical.

This program has been designed to compliment my workshops, however you do not have to have attended a workshop to participate in this program, and the mainly 1-on-1 program may suit you better.

So what is is all about?  Well, if you find yourself in the same position we have all been in before, needing someone to answer our questions, providing us with some creative motivation and generally being supportive while we are developing as photographers, then the Magnificant Mentors are here for you.

The Magnificent Mentors are a group of photographers, all with different specialties, different backgrounds, strengths and styles. We have all previously had the privilege of having great mentorship provided to us in the past as we developed our own photography styles and business's, and now we are in a position to be 'passing it on' to you.


Option 1 - 12 Month Program $1000 (involves all listed below for each 3 months, different mentors available)

Option 2 - 3 Month Program $300

  • 1 x initial briefing and portfolio review session with your chosen mentor (in person)
  • On-going email, phone or skype assistance as required
  • Facebook page specifically designed for you and other mentees offering general ongoing helpful advice etc.
  • Extra private tuition on request from $90-$120 p hour.
  • 1 x group session with all mentors and mentees involved.


The first stage is to make contact with us by answering the few question and expressing your interest below, then we will assign you with your mentor.

Once assigned, you and your mentor will touch base and arrange an initial meet up. This session may involve looking at and proving feedback of your portfolio to date,  as well as discussing helping you with find a path forward  with your photography.

You will then keep in touch  a few times a month (or more if needed) for a period of 3 months. This will be through e-mail, phone, skype or any other forum of communication you decide between the two of you.

The mentors and mentees will all meet together once every 3 months as a group throughout this time period where an overall presentation/workshop with will be organised.

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Mentor (please select from below)


Ben Reynolds - Landscape Photography

Ben Reynolds area of expertise is is Landscape Photography. Ben is formally trained, has learnt from some of the best photographers in Australia, and is keen to impart his knowledge and experience with you.

For those interested in bringing your landscape photography up to a new level. Ben will mentor you by providing assistance in a range of areas in landscape photography, depending on your needs. This may include assistance with understanding, using and purchasing equipment required such as ND filters, or panoramic tripod heads, through to processing your work by photoshop, or scouting locations and compositional techniques involved.

You can see Bens landscape portfolio here.


Ben Reynolds - Landscape Photography

Ben Reynolds - Landscape Photography

Jo Hitchcock – The Photography Business

Jo is co-owner of boutique South West Wedding & Portrait photography studio Clare Day Photographic Design and Feature Writer for Capture magazine, Australia’s top selling professional photography magazine.

Having run businesses both outside and within the photographic industry Jo has a wealth of expertise in all aspects of business management, and is well equipped to help those just starting out or even more experienced photographers to set up their business practices for success.

Providing a high end, tailored experience within her own business she can also help you to understand your clients better and create uniquely beautiful images of real life. 

Jo Hitchcock - The photography business

Jo Hitchcock - The photography business

Liza Semler - Documentary / Multi-Media

Liza Semler - Documentary Photographer

Liza Semler - Documentary Photographer

Liza is presently based in Perth where she has been mentoring teenage girls through a program called Collective Focus.

Some of Lizas multimedia and photography project can be seen here.

Liza will provide great guidance and support if creating stories through photography is your aim.

Liza completed her BA in Anthropology at Wheaton College before studying Documentary Photography at The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine and Pathshala South Asian Media Academy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She has received numerous grants and scholarships to pursue photographic stories and facilitate youth photography projects in various parts of the world.