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Digital photography for kids is fast becoming a norm because they are becoming more and more adept with technology. There are many proven benefits to having kids learn photography at an early age. Amongst other benefits, photography can;

  • help increase vocabulary and stimulate creativity (this is seen regularly in my workshops especially in photo critiquing sessions)
  • be beneficial to parents believe it or not. It creates a meaningful and productive past-time for their kids, which may be considered as an after-school activity.
  • can provide even shy and withdrawn children with a boost to their self-esteem. It can help children from a diverse cultural background to share experiences using pictures.

Out Little Hotshots Program is designed for two different age groups, 7-11 and 11-15 yrs. It is allot of fun with lots of hands on practical activities as well as same theory.

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MosArts (Term 1 2014)

When - Thursdays from 4pm

Starting Date - March 13th 2014

Venue -  MosArts in  Mosman Park

Duration - 5 Weeks (week 3 and 4 will involve photos excursions at Cottesloe Beach and along the Mosman Park River)

Aim - The program aims to empassion childrens creative eye, by helping them focus on the world around viewed through the lens/LCD screen.

Outcome - A Little Hot Shots exhibition.

About  - MosArts will be hosting Little Hot Shots in Term 1 2014.  The program teaches the basics of digital photography and camera handling to kids aged 8-15 yrs.  The worskhops are very hands-on and practical, they explore creative techniques and individual expression. As well as learning camera handing, compositional and exposure techniques, participants will be encouraged to develop their own personal project outside of class time. Feedback from these projects will be provided throughout the workshops, and participants will be encouraged to continue with project throughout the year and become involved in an exhibition later on in the year.

Age Groups;
The workshops are run in 2 age groups; 8-11 and 11-16 yrs. We run small size workshops after school over an 5 week duration, with a maximum of 8 per class.
Mini-Shots (7-11 yrs) - Mini Shots will focus primarily on learning composition and finding an individual project to work on, less emphasis will be placed on technical elements of the camera, more emphasis on fun photography activities such as photography
Teen-Shots (11-16yrs) - This program will involve trying to explore some of the manual controls on a camera such as Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. Student will start developing their own personal projects.

What to Bring -
Camera - (we have cameras you can borrow as well on request) If you have one, a DLSR camera, or a compact point and shoot for the Mini-Shots.
Empty Memory Card
Fully Charged Battery
Suncream, Hat and Waterbottle for excursions

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City of South Perth - Feb/March 2014


When - February 22 2014, and/or March 1st, 10am-2pm

Where - Preston St Artspace

What - We will be providing 2 short courses as part of the City of South Perth Fiesta 2014 at the Preston Street Artspace in Sooth Perth. The theme is 'explosion of colour'  These two sessions will involve lots fun practical  exercises such as photography treasure hunts, as well as learning the essential compositional  techniques.

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