Landscape Photographer Profile - Candice Leslie

Landscape Photographer Candice Leslie was a recent participant in a Landscape Photography Workshop I ran in Albany. We had a great few days visited some of the most beautiful beaches in the South West. Here are just a couple of the amazing photographs she captured and some information about her process in developing as a Landscape Photographer. You can follow her work at

"18 months ago I started learning about photography on You tube and decided this was going to be my hobby. Now I know a fair bit more and I am passionate about it. Especially landscapes and Seascapes. I do also try portraits, wildlife and some Macro. I would have to say Landscapes and Seascapes are my favourite.
In the last 18 months I have travelled a fair bit trying to get better and learn as much as I can from some wonderful photographers I have come to admire and have inspired me to improve my new passion. I have done workshops in NewZealand/ Tasmania/ Victoria/ Adelaide/ Cairns/ and my most recent one WA and beautiful Albany. I would have to say my favourites were, Little Beach/ Salmon Holes and Frenchman’s bay. Thanks to Ben, I have not only learned so much about landscapes but also Post processing. My trip was ever so rewarding and all I can say is, I cannot wait to get back there and do some more wonderful photography of the beautiful landscapes and Seascapes in WA."